Fetal Surgery for Congenital Neurological Abnormalities


  • Ajay Haldar All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • BV MurliManju Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Gabriel Alexander Quiñones-Ossa Universidad El Bosque
  • Rakesh Mishra All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Ivan David Lozada Martinez Universidad de Cartagena
  • Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar Universidad de Cartagena
  • Amit Agrawal All India Institute of Medical Sciences




Fetus, Neurosurgical Procedure, In-utero surgery, Fetal Surgery, Congenital Abnormalities


Since the last century, multiple imaging and surgical techniques have been developed to detect and early treat the congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system. Even though the multiple technologies and approaches were improved, there was a risk of complications or fatal outcomes. It is possible to perform the neurological surgery before the labor or cesarian section (fetal surgery) with the correct diagnosis. Nowadays, there is not that much information regarding this type of management. The present review aims to provide the currently available information retrieved from the available literature about fetal neurosurgery and its outcomes