About the Journal

Please submit your work here: https://journalofglobalneurosurgery.net/ 

The Journal of Global Neurosurgery is an international peer-reviewed journal that aims to:

1- Empower researchers from low and middle-income countries (LMICs)

2- Freely disseminate ideas and knowledge about global neurosurgery

3- Inform the path to universal access to neurosurgical care through quality scientific publishing

Journal vision

Equitable access to research and research capacity for all neurosurgeons.

Journal values

  • Equity in research
  • Quality in scientific inquiry
  • Connectivity across barriers
  • Scholarship for all

Journal focus and scope

The journal will publish articles about Global Neurosurgery (GNS) – the clinical and public health practice of neurosurgery with the primary purpose of ensuring timely, safe, and affordable neurosurgical care to all who need it.

Journal language

JGNS publishes articles in English.

Abstracts will be provided in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.


JGNS is an open-access journal. Articles are made freely available online immediately upon publication. After your manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will be required to accept a mandatory agreement to license the publication.