The Role of WHO in Global Neurosurgery


  • Walter D Johnson Professor of Surgery, Neurosurgery and Public Health Founding Director, Center for Global Surgery, Loma, Linda University




It is indeed an honor to participate in this founding edition of the Journal of Global Neurosurgery. The inauguration of this journal is welcome and timely, as it advances this discipline’s academic interests and provides a vehicle for publishing more global authors.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has long been involved with neurosurgical issues, primarily preventing and treating traumatic brain and spine injuries, epilepsy, and stroke.

WHO is the health technical branch of the United Nations (UN) whose primary functions include(1):

  1. Provide leadership and engaging partnerships.
  2. Shape the research agenda.
  3. Develop norms and standards.
  4. Articulate ethical, evidence-based policy options.
  5. Provide technical support.
  6. Monitor and assess health situations and trends.